Month: February 2019

Five Tips for Staging a Living Room in Real Estate

You may already know that home staging is a central part of marketing real estate. What you may not be aware of is just how important it actually is in marketing real estate in the year 2019. The hard work you put in to staging each room of your house will pay off in professional real estate photos and showing. We are here to...

Video Strategies to Use for Real Estate Marketing

With real estate videos, things have changed. The visual tours offer developers, realtors, and homeowners a straightforward way of making professional videos and share them to social media, emails and online listing services like Zillow. There are a few ways video can be used in real estate marketing....

Beginner's Guide To Killing Creativity

Have you ever created something based on a wisp of inspiration? The feeling you get when you can sit back and admire something you actually created with your own power (God's power really...) is like no other....