Fully immersed. Stepping through a listing as if they are there. Sitting in bed with their spouse, a mom makes the decision. Her husband agrees. A home was just purchased because of the new tool that is sweeping the nation in the real estate market. Welcome to the modern world of marketing real estate, virtual reality. We are in the time where buyers go online to search for homes to buy. In 2001, only 8% of buyers found homes they want to purchase online, but in 2016, 51% of home buyers searched through the internet for homes they finally bought. Today it is over 90%!
The way people use the internet to find homes is increasing. That’s where Virtual Reality comes in. Virtual Reality is turning out to be a compelling marketing strategy in the real estate industry. The VR immersion helps simulate the sense of spaces and places which brings life to real estate listings. Being able to showcase a property using an impressive 3600 video or photos and actually “walk through” with tools like Matterport help you create a virtual tour experience which catches the eye of your clients and engages your leads. How can you use VR in real estate?

Best 3 VR Uses in RE:

VR for Commercial Real Estate

Giving investors a vision of what a property is like can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to show the size and flow of a space with photos alone. Save yourself the trouble. Invest in 3D Tours of your commercial property listings to give them a unique advantage when they go live.

VR for Residential Listings

Nowadays, every person wants to visit a new house before the purchase. It takes a lot of time for both you and the client. Can you see how virtual reality tours can help take your clients through the house from the comfort of your home or office? Using professional equipment like offered through Matterport, you can make 3-D models and offer immersive tours of the properties you are selling. We’ve offered Matterport tours for years at Flow!

Staging and Design Showcases

Almost all clients find VR useful when you help them catch the vision. Stagers love VR because it shows off all angles of their handiwork in real estate staging.

In Oklahoma, designers and builders are jumping on the 3D Virtual Tour train. From the cool dollhouse view, to the floor plans, and of course the walkthrough tour in VR, Flow Real Estate Photography is here to answer any real estate tech questions and to help you Show the Flow!