If there would be a list that showcases the topmost things people desire in life, chances are a desire for a home/office space will be on top of that list. Thanks to the increased demand of people looking to own homes, and thanks to technology, most people are achieving their dreams. For example, recent data show that home purchases in Oklahoma City have appreciated. In most cases, the increase in home purchases is because of the latest technology advancement including real estate photography.

The increase in real estate photography usage at large has led to changes in how the real estate industry operates. The trend is expected to grow as more developers, architects and homeowners are embracing the marketing strategy. Broken into four sub-categories, below we have a quick description of the four as well as how they can boost your business.


The demand for commercial real estate photography is on the rise. Commercial real estate deals with selling/leasing office parks, office spaces, storage units or restaurants and anything that is strictly for business use. Most developers or realtors are using commercial real estate photography to enhance their images online. Great photos are critical in creating and attracting leads. Staging and professional photos allow you to take clients on a journey through your commercial property.


The residential category is more common than the commercial. Most real estate photographers specialize in this category. Residential real estate photography is meant to represent residential space and is used in social media marketing. Homeowners or realtors can request photos, but they serve the same purpose, to entice new buyers. The majority of Oklahoma City Realtors believe in residential real estate photography. This is true of real estate agents all over the US.


Artistic real estate photography is much like it sounds. It is very creative. Photographers use a variety of aspects to make the photos stand out. The use of creative camera angles, artistic moods, lighting, and the imagery often makes this photography style stand out.


In this category, real estate photographers take exquisite photos for civil engineering firms, designers, contractors, architects, and home builders. They focus on highlighting the structural flow, quality of designs and construction of structures.

Not everyone can make a solid decision depending only on the writing in your property listing. Some need the help of visuals to help them make decisions. Real estate photography gives you the visual capability of showing your clients what they need to see and to make the right decisions. Every home has a flow. Professional photos help you Show the Flow and make the home show!