Why Do We Make It Simple For Clients To Book Appointments?

What is the one commodity that we all have a limited supply of? TIME! That’s right!! There are only 24 hours in the day. This is true for you, President Obama, your boss, and of course me. It always feels like there is not enough time to get even the important things done. With time being in limited supply and our lives being busier than ever before, we have to be very careful what we give our attention to. After all, attention is actually what we are talking about here. You could drop everything you are doing and spend 20 minutes just jacking around playing games on your phone. If you do this when your attention should be spent on income producing activities, what do we say? We say you are WASTING your TIME. If this is true, how do we keep the attention of our clients? Are they jacking around on their phones playing games?

If you are in sales, you are after one thing and it is not a one hour coffee appointment with a prospective client. It is the attention of consumers. You are after their eyeballs. A great sales person once told me the secret to getting a ton of sales was to “go where the people are.” What amazing advice for us today! Tell your story where the people are! Once you are there, then what? Even if you do deliver a killer message and they buy, you have to keep their attention. It could be just a matter of seconds that causes you to not convert this new client into a repeat customer.

Here’s a personal confession. I have signed up for at least 13 CRM subscriptions over the last year. Most of them come with a free trial period ranging from 7 days to 30 days. The reason I have gone through so many is because there is a huge learning curve with most of them. If I open up the CRM and have to go through 17 steps to add a new client using the dashboard, I am done. I do not renew my subscription. Would it be worth doing the webinars and tutorials to learn the ins and outs of the CRM so that I could organize my business and take things to a whole new level? Of course it would but I can’t afford to let my attention and time get eaten up by something like that. So, I keep searching until something comes along that just works….It has to be quick and intuitive or I am out!

I know that I am ADD and easily get distracted. (I have had to restart this post at least 27 times!) One can only assume that my clients are just as bad if not worse! So….we sat out to find a solution to simplify the circus of scheduling a real estate photo shoot with Flow Real Estate Photography. It used to be that a client would call, text, email, Facebook message, Instagram DM, or tweet me to book an appointment. That got out of hand for us AND was hard for the realtors we work for because they had to wait for our response, contact their client, renegotiate a time with us, and pray the weather cooperated the day of the shoot! WOW! It was a crazy mess…..So, we put together this simple 1-2-3 process.

Here’s how it works:
1. Click on Book Now
2. Choose your market, service, photographer, date & time.
3. Enter your listing details and confirm your appointment.

You will get a confirmation email immediately. You will get a reminder text message the day before the appointment.

No more going back and forth between your professional real estate photographer and your home selling client. In fact, at the listing appointment you can pull up our website and book the appointment with your client at the table.

We respect your time. We respect your attention. Thank you for giving us both.

– Ryan