YouTube. Instagram. Facebook. You name it. Video content is EVERYWHERE. Jill Rowley correctly pointed this out when she said, “Using video to connect with a prospect is so much more than a cold call. It humanizes the selling process.” Earlier one needed to invest considerable time to contact clients, take them for a tour and in other cases helping them make decisions on picking a realtor, buying a home, or selling a home.

With real estate videos, things have changed. The visual tours offer developers, realtors, and homeowners a straightforward way of making professional videos and share them to social media, emails and online listing services like Zillow. There are a few ways video can be used in real estate marketing.

Introduction Videos

Real estate introduction videos act as a friendly way to introduce yourself to your clients. They help clients get to know you and act as an elevator pitch for your personal brand or brokerage. To make a great introduction video, it needs to be informal. Talk about things that people want to hear. Home buying experience, hobbies, and interests are some of the things clients want to hear. Be authentic and put your best foot forward.

Include the videos on your Facebook pages, website, real estate listing websites and your YouTube channel.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial real estate videos are perfect for convincing clients to choose you to list their home. Some sellers may decide the four or five-star review on Zillow is enough, but others choose to believe more when they can see it with their own eyes. Heartfelt impressions and reviews from former clients have far-reaching results. These incredible marketing tools are great for your social media and website. Add specific testimonial videos for specific target markets and enjoy the benefits of the thought your put into it.

Listing Videos

Listing videos have an unbeatable advantages. They are one of the only ways to give the feeling of actually touring the home. HD video tours help sell your listings because they give buyers confidence. Include listing videos in your listing presentation to convert new potential clients as well!

Neighborhood Tour Videos

Neighborhood real estate tour video is an essential arsenal in your real estate marketing strategies. These videos capture attractive locations along with other neighborhood amenities. Community videos highlight great nightlife, landmarks, transportation options, parks and other things that will make your property sell and establish you as the expert in the area. Share them on social and watch your business go viral.