You may already know that home staging is a central part of marketing real estate. What you may not be aware of is just how important it actually is in marketing real estate in the year 2019.

According to a study by the Nation Association of Realtors, homes sell quicker when they are staged. If you have no or a little experience in staging, it can seem like a daunting task.

Just remember it is like anything else that you have learned. You will get better the more you do it. The hard work you put in to staging each room of your house will pay off in professional real estate photos and showing. We are here to help!

Here are five tips that will help you to stage Living Rooms that will guarantee more attention and faster sales.


  • Hide Kleenex boxes, remote controls, personal objects, family photos, and over excessive decor. Sorry grandma your knickknacks have to go!


  • Bright and colorful win the game in selling real estate. Make sure all of your lights work and are the same color temperature. System adjust your blinds to wear light bounces off of the ceiling giving a nice diffused lighting situation that is pleasing to the guy.

Furniture Placement

  • The focal point of any living room is the fireplace. Most living rooms are situated around the television because that is where families spend a lot of their time in the evenings. But when you are marketing a property, you want to sell the features that will go with the property. The fireplace will dictate how furniture is arranged and will also assist with step one of decluttering.


  • It may be time to update your painting and color scheme in your living room to make it appealing to more buyers. A great idea is to go with neutral tones and have decorations that match. We suggest lighter colors such as white, gray, griege, or beige. Powerful!

Professional Stager

  • Consider hiring a professional stager. With years of experience and and eye to get more attention on your listings, a professional home stager can work with your existing furniture or help you to choose replacements.

Here is some great advice on choosing a stager/designer from Micah Abbanato at Stage 33 Design in Oklahoma City:

“The perfect designer/stager knows how to wear two hats!

Staging is a science, it’s impersonal and a stager should help you present the house in a balanced perspective to show case the house in it’s best light. A professional stager should help guide you to remove your emotions from the selling experience and give you all the tips and tricks to create cohesion and symmetry in your home that pertains to a buyers eye.

Designing is very personal, and a skilled designer should help you discover your personal style while helping you bring it to life in a cohesive manner. A designed space should speak to your soul and create peace while also energizing you to face the world. It’s the designer’s job to direct their client to go for it aesthetically while helping them understand how to play with colors, textures and shapes.”